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Company List

Browse and search for information about companies in Exporterus's Company List, an online company database that can be used to target potential trading partners worldwide. Exporterus members can add their own company profile to Company List for free.

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Contact to a Posted Company
  • Reply to a posted company.
      It is easy to contact to a posted company at Exporterus. You will find a button, "Send Message", under the detailed description of it.

      This link will take you to Trade Mail, where you can compose a message to the member that posted the company information.

      Click here to go to the Trade Mail help section.

      Request for Quote is for buyers to send inquiry to sellers, while Send Message if for ones who wants to make a cooperation.

  • One message for reply multiple posted companies.
      You can use Inquiry Basket to reply to multiple posted companies.

      If you interest companies when you browse, please select them by click checkbox, then you can saved them by click on the "Add to Basket" button to append the companies to inquiry basket. Or you can inquiry them now by click on the "Inquiry Now" button.

      After you have finished browsing and want to send inquiry to your saved companies, click on "Inquiry Basket" link located at the top right-hand corner of the Exporterus homepage.

      Select one of listings that you have saved while browsing. Fill in a form to send a Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Message.

      You can send the same RFQ or Message to up to 20 members per day.

      Click here to go to the Inquiry Basket help section for more information.

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    Browse Company List
    Search by one of the two following methods:

    (A). Enter search keywords in the search box, such as a company name or a company web address to find relevant profiles.
    For instance, if you were looking for candle supplier, you could enter "candle" in the search box to find candle's supplier company profiles.

    (B). Explore Exporterus industry categories to search for a company.
    For instance, if you want to find information about candles, search the "Gifts & Crafts" industry category, and select the "Candles" category to view all companies listed.

    Once you find a company's profile, you could print the page for future exploration, or recommend it to your business friends.

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    Posting Company Profile
    Exporterus provides Company Profile listing service for all members.

    With a webpage in Exporterus Company Profile directory providing small information about your company, potential partners and customers can locate your company through Exporterus's search engine. Also, you get a special URL for your company website. Join Exporterus's list of companies, and start broadening your business reach today!

    To create your own company profile, use Member Menu then click the "Update Company Info" link on the left toolbar.

    Priority Trust Members can create a more detailed company presentation, click here for more details.

    To view Company List FAQs, click here

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    Trade Alerts
    Subscribe to Exporterus Trade Alerts and receive business company and trade offer updates daily, forwarded directly to your email account.

    You can keep in touch with the latest developments in your industry, by specify your Trade Alert subscription to companies and buy, sell or cooperation offers that you wish to receive. Exporterus will send you personalized companies and trade offers daily, directly to your email account.

    Click here to see the details of how to subscribe to Trade Alerts.

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